Cultural differences

The difference between a developing country as Bangladesh and Western Europe is astounding to see with your own eyes material goods we take for granted is typical non-existing in Bangladesh. For example is the internet speed not the same. Applications we easily run in the Westen can be hard to run in Bangladesh – something one have to have in mind if one wants to outsource.

To solve a problem in Bangladesh is can demand another way of thinking. Where we think applications to smartphones as good communication tools simple solutions as radio and websites be more useful in Bangladesh. Most of the people in Bangladesh cannot afford smartphones, but radio and laptops can have acces to i.a via telecenters (information about telecenters see her). It is not about the newest hardware, but the technology standpoint, what is best for the user and the contex they are living in – a thinking that should not only be used in Bangladesh, but all over the world as I once read – simplicity sells

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