agriculture vs ICT application

We visited the Danish embassy. Here they talked about how ICT can improve the conditions of life for the farmers in Bangladesh.

Mogens Strunge Larsen (adviser) told about the agriculture and ICT solutions in Bangladesh.

Mogens told about how the farmers sold their crops. The farmers grows their crops, then they decide which market they should sell theirs crops. When they gets to the market they see that the person who sold corns has earned the most – so they see one earns the most when one sells corns. Therefor will all the farmers the year after come to the same market only with corns, and the price for corns will be very low. But then they see the person who sells rice earns the most, and the year after all the farmers would come and sell rice. And so goes it in circles.

This mentality made a big impact on me. That the crop that had a good profit last year in a particular market will not necessarily provide the same again the following year, is something most of Western Europe are aware but they are not necessarily aware of the country like Bangladesh.

But from where should they know which marked would be best for selling their crops?

We discussed at the embassy which form of ICT would be most helpful. For instance an app could be build where it told the prices for the crops at different markets. In this way, they would get most profit of their crops. Unfortunately people in Banlgadesh cannot afford smartphones. One way to help the farms is the project called  ‘agriculture information service (AIS)’ which is started by the government.

landbrug hjemmeside
agriculture information service (AIS)

This is a website which is much focused on ICT. By passing on important information to farmers in Bangladesh , they try to improve the farms condition. Another solution is by radio. In northern Bangladesh where the infrastructure is almost non-existing, and the outlook for construction is not in sight, the people has difficult conditions. But through radio shows such as ‘ A Masher Krishi ‘ ( translated : Agriculture This Month ) is information passed by like the aforementioned website.

I was most surprised by how I and my fellow students were discussing ICT solutions such as  applications that could give information about crops when in reality the best solution was the most simple . Simple solutions such as a website or a radio show. It gives food for thought to the western world  – there is a reason why slogans such as ” Simplicity sells “, ” keep it simple” ” more is less ” etc. are so well known in the IT world – It is not only in Asia that the simple solutions can be the best solution , it applies worldwide.

lokal radio station
We are visiting a local radio station.
lokal radio station1
The radio station was the voice of ethnic minioteret such as indigenous people from Bangaldesh and disabled. The radio station encouraged people to collaborate for tackling the problems that come with for instance poverty.
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