Mindworking Asia – Danish outsourced company

We visited a Danish company which has chosen to outsource to Bangladesh. The company ‘Mindworking Asia’ is specialized in graphic routine tasks and has about 200 employees. One of the two owners – Thomas, showed us around and explained about out-sourcing, the country and how the culture is.

grafiker området omkring
The area around Mindworking Asia.

It was very exciting to see outsourcing from “the other side”. Danish people would not carried out the task in the way they do it in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, they learn one skill in graphic design, which they would do for maybe a year, and first then would they learn a new skill. In Denmark as a graphic designer I do not think there are many who wants to do the same thing all day, it will be similar to factory work, but in Bangladesh it is a good job.

grafiker ur
graphic designer working. Left corner displays two clocks, one for bangladesh time and one for the Danish, this should help to meet the deadlines.
grafikker billede
Some of to days work.

To outsource resources is not only that the company is not nearby . Bangladesh is ruled by corruption, so everything has to be paid black to get something done . At the same time, people from Bangladesh is incredibly polite and will not disagree with you, whether you are right or not.  So it is very important to understand the culture and at the same time put the stamp on the company one think is important.

Mindworking Asia have tried to create as Danish conditions as possible by having a 37-hour work week, 5 weeks vacation , health insurance, they follow the Danish calender etc. I am not sure if I agree with this way of working , for example by following the Danish calender is the Danish holy days followed and not the Bangladeshi . This means that employees do not have free on the days that are important to them. It would correspond for Danish people, with the Christian faith , to have holyday during Eid , but had to work on Christmas Eve. However, no matter how ever, Mindworking Asia is still a really good job for the people of Bangladesh.

grafikker skandinavianen thomas
Me and my fellow students at “Nordic Club” at the right is Thomas one of the owerns of Mindworking Asia.
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