End of thesis and now Master of Science in Information Architecture

I have now finished my master thesis and got a 10/B, which was quite satisfactory as I wrote it while I gave birth to a boy and held my maternity leave together with being a mom for my 3 year old son. So for me it was quiet rough, but definitely worth it as I finally became Master of Science in Information Architecture.

And even better, the result from my master thesis is something that is useful for other companies. So hopefully I can use the knowledge in future work contexts.

My future plans is to get a job, but as not everything in life can be planned I have got unplanned pregnant again, so the realistic plan is to get a temporary job now or a start when my next maternity leave end (November 1, 2016).
So if you have any interesting tips for me while I am job seeking let me know :).

Being a Microsoft Student Partner

As written before I am a part of Microsoft’s ”Microsoft Student Partner”, which is a program that help to improves a handful of student  skills within technology. In October we had our annual meeting a Microsoft Head Quarter in Denmark. This year we heard among other thing about the job opportunities’ in Denmark, brainstormed about different ideas in the different regions, heard about the different technologies in Microsoft and just experienced the atmosphere of being a part of a big global company as Microsoft. It was and is amazing to be a part of 🙂

End of mentor program, but start of a thesis cooperation

End of my mentor program, but start but the start of a thesis cooperation

My participation in AAU Alumnis mentorprogram (read more here) is now ended, and it has with no doubt been the most educational experience to get knowledge about my professional field. I have learned my own skills, what I would learn in the future and most important it is not possible to know everything before you start a new job and often you just have to do it, and learn during it.

With the end of my mentor program is also the start of a thesis cooperation. I have through my mentor started cooperation with the owner of an e-commerce website where I am going to research on their new single page checkout. It is going to be amazing J

Ending mentoring

 Ending mentoring

As described before, I have the past year had a mentor from the IT company Tiger Media (Read more here). I was fortunate that one of the owners of Tiger Media would spend a year to show me what IT is outside of the university framework. I have this fall completed the process and in that connection also to evaluate what process has given me as a person, both professionally and personally.

The conclusion is that: it’s the best I have ever done! Both because I have learned so very much from my mentor (Frederik Banke), because this process has opened new doors (I got a chance at Microsoft read here) I have tried my professionalism at Tigermedia (read here) and I have learned about my own skills and focused my skills to fit the business.

Therefore, if I am asked what my expertise is I will be able to say:

“I can optimize your IT systems so your users can utilize it as much as possible!”

I have learned it is about economics and time in business, so it is not enough to tell what I can. What company earnings / savings are by having me is a really important fact also.

And most importantly of all I have learned what I can, what I would like to learn and what I cannot.

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