Ending mentoring

 Ending mentoring

As described before, I have the past year had a mentor from the IT company Tiger Media (Read more here). I was fortunate that one of the owners of Tiger Media would spend a year to show me what IT is outside of the university framework. I have this fall completed the process and in that connection also to evaluate what process has given me as a person, both professionally and personally.

The conclusion is that: it’s the best I have ever done! Both because I have learned so very much from my mentor (Frederik Banke), because this process has opened new doors (I got a chance at Microsoft read here) I have tried my professionalism at Tigermedia (read here) and I have learned about my own skills and focused my skills to fit the business.

Therefore, if I am asked what my expertise is I will be able to say:

“I can optimize your IT systems so your users can utilize it as much as possible!”

I have learned it is about economics and time in business, so it is not enough to tell what I can. What company earnings / savings are by having me is a really important fact also.

And most importantly of all I have learned what I can, what I would like to learn and what I cannot.

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