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Planning and organization; 2011-2012

The logo of Spejdernes Lejr 2012

I participated in a project for ” Spejdernes lejr 2012″ (Around 37,000 participants) . The task was to handle information centers at the camp , as well as establish a Call Centre which was open from one year before the camp and during the camp.

More precisely was our job to set up a call center designed to respond to quiries from participants and other stakeholders, either directly or by reference to the right person in the camp organization. This could be done through email, website, SMS or telephone. Furthermore, it was the project group’s task to build a knowledge base and pick up quiries to the camp organization for planning, execution and evaluation. At the camp itself was the purpose also to answer questions from individual participants, visitors and other stakeholders. This was accomplished by constructing information centers in all subdivisions of the camp, and we had the call center manned 24 hours a day so that everyone could go there by phone sms or email at any time.

We started the call center in August 2011.

Min opgave var, sammen med tre andre, at være HR ansvarlig for de omkring 100-150 hjælpere der var tilknyttet CallCenteret og informationscenterene. Vores arbejde bestod bland andet i rekruttering, implementering af systemerne – altså oplæring i diverse it systemer og ”kunde” håndtering både online og face-to-face, organisatorisk planlægning o.l.

Vores indlæringsmetode bestod af weekendkursuser, til de hjælpere vi kaldte

My job was, along with three others, to be responsible for the HR around 100-150 volunteers who were assigned the call center and the information centers. Our work consisted among others in recruitment, implementation of systems (training in various IT systems  and “customer” handling both online and face-to-face) organizational planning etc.

Our learning method consisted of weekend courses, for the volunteers that was named “Team Leaders”. Then we held online courses for all who would work with the various systems. The team leaders were in charge of the guards in the call center and “general manager” of the various information centers.

undervisning på lejren
Education for systems at the camp.

Before each introduction of the systems we sent two introductory videos, they can be seen in the links below:

A short introduction video of Info Express (IE) here:

A more in-depth video can be seen here:

Among the various IT systems we used:

  • Info Express (communication device)
  • Private wikipidiea
  • IP telephony
  • Various ordering and registration systems (to go beyond the system and handle each participant’s problem)
midlertidig callcenter
Our temporary CallCenter in the start of the camp.

The project gave me knowledge about how to implement systems for persone on all IT technical levels. I can see how important it is to involve those who use the systems daily and is hands on with the task in the various decision-making processes . One example is the different ordering and registration systems. At first it was just the programmer who developed the system, and then the system was sent out to all participants. This resulted in the participants saw many errors and misunderstandings in the system, and these were first discovered when all participants phoned in to the call center. Then had the call center to help each participant with the same problems, creating created large peaks each time a new system should be completed by the participants. This problem was solved by involving our team leaders in the development of systems as they had an enormous expertise about the problems the participants would get in the various online systems.

Want to know more about this project, or just curious, please feel free to contact me here.

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