Helen Storrow Course; Schweiz

Participation; 2010

Helen Storrow seminar, as they describe is “the international leadership development event”. It is an international seminar, focusing on cultural differences in management and perception management. This year I attended was the theme ‘Taking the lead for a Greener Planet’. The process should end up with the performance of a self-developed and executed project.

Digital Camera
Participants at the seminar.

Throughout the week we got knowledge about the different forms of leadership , the importance of values, project and organization , conflict management, advocacy principle etc.

The particular of the course , was how the different cultural differences came into character. A woman from Sri Lanka should explain what was important for her. I thought about ” do things that make me happy, be with people I feel good , achieve the goals I want etc “. The woman from Sri Lanka answered  ” to be a good daughter, to be a good wife etc.” .The theme “environment” made the differences became visible again. My task was to enlighten people from Denmark about how other countries struggles natural changes, but the woman from the Philippines hat to perform practical tasks, because the Philippines is one of the countries that is struggling with large natural changes. Similarly, was management believes very different from country to country.  where I in Denmark focused on what a good leader was, then the woman from Egypt discussed how women could have a change to be a leader in the country, an so it went on. My view of management was radically changed in this seminar. Would you like to hear more are you welcome to contact me here.

A movie that was made during our stay.


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