Round Table; England

Participation;  2011

Through my work in Højspænding (information on Højspænding see here), I got the opportunity to come to England for discussing and exchanging experience in youth work in Scout auspices.

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Foxlease in southern England where the conference was held.

The conference was held in England for all the scout organizations in Europe. In addition to exchange of experience, the conference also provided insight into how different countries with different cultural and economic opportunities create activities for young people.

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Here displays the different countries which opportunities that are offered to young people.

To see how we handle activities for young people differently affects our own self-awareness, and it helps to question whether we can / should change the things we do – not just for activities for young people but for everything we do.

Would you like to hear more about my thoughts about the stay in England, please feel free to contact me.

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