Scout Academy; participant

Participation and organization; 2006-2007

Scout Academy is a one year project manager training, which describes itself as:

Scout academy is about to demonstrate competence through a socially committed project and create personal development.

The course involved:

  • competency development
  • Development and export of self-selected project with a project group
  • Preparation of DiSC profile
  • Theory concerning project development and project dynamics
  • Theme – for my part academically / socially challenged young
  • Theory dealing with conflict
  • Theory concerning communication strategy

In my project we chose to work with a boarding school for young people with reading and writing difficulties. The focus was competency development of the individual student. This was done through various activities and challenges, where innovative thinking was in focus in order to meet students’ challenges best possible.

Article about Scout Academy.

Statements about Scout Academy:

Scout Academy is one of the most innovative projects in the Danish scouting in this decade. It involves young people in solving social tasks while developing young people their leadership skills. If all young people in Denmark came through such a program, Denmark would look completely different in ten or twenty years.                                     Lars Kolind, Chairman of the Poul Due Jensen Foundation, which has supported the Scout Academy.

I am delighted that Scout Academy can help create understanding between different groups of young people, but I also emphasize the management training of the young scout leaders who project of this kind are. Young people with this background, is useful for the Danish business – even at Grundfos.                                                                              Niels Due Jensen, Chairman of Grundfos Management A / S.

You can read more about Scout Academy – and read a small note about our project called “farsø” here.

My project at the initial stage.

Are you interested in learning more, please feel free to contact me here.

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