I can see that the changes we made in Herskins educational concept had consequences. But also each teacher made their own interpretation of the method. So even if we had followed Herskin method 100 % would it not be possible to avoid his educational concept to be changed during execution through the different teachers .

About teaching was impaired due to changes in the method is difficult to say, however I could see clear signs that the students were able to translate the programs learned into practice. Furthermore  many of the students also come a step further and had linked several applications , knowledge they had built on the acquired knowledge . Hence, I can conclude that our intention for the students to learn “help to self-help” was successful.

The project helped gave me important knowledge about how to implement systems to new users. It has helped to create reflection for which method to be used when implanting new systems. If you are interested in hear more about the project , please feel free to contact me here .

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