The performance of the teaching

We chosed to base the instruction by Bjarne Herskins theory of the IT educational concept, which is about how IT training can be most appropriate. . Herskin calls the method “the gun kill model” .

image – text : here are the so-called gun killing method

The picture above illustrates how our training was put together for each program. The programs we had selected were: Word, Podio , Dropbox and WordPress.

The whole idea of the session was not to explain in detail how the program worked, but to give students an understanding of how the program could be used .

After each presentation came the task phase . Here came the student to work with the program through tasknote and navigation notes developed from Herskins principles. Navigation notes described how to navigating around the program.

Photo of navigation note

After all applications were reviewed, began 2 part of the process , ” the kreavtive task”. Here competed all p1 groups against each other. Here they had to primarily produce a union sheet , preferably on WordPress and based on solving other written assignments , such as writing a report of the previous meeting. It was about the job as possible within a certain time. All P1 groups received an oral explanation of the contest rules and tasks while they were also given a written explanation of the task (see Annex 3).

After all applications were reviewed, began 2 part of the process, “the creative task.” Here were the primary manufacture a product, preferably in WordPress, so as to practice the newly acquired competence heat in a free space.

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