Midway through the Alumni mentoring

As written earlier am I a member of Alumni’s mentoring arrangement. Last week was there a workshop focusing on evaluation. Together with my mentor from the company Tigermedia we discussed how the last half years had been – two things became clear to me. The first was how much we had achieved. Second was how little I had informed my mentor of what we had achieved.

With help and inspiration by my mentor, I have been a volunteer at an IT conference, been accepted as a Microsoft Student Partner, used a case from his company in connection with my university,’ sold ‘ an optimization suggestion to one of Tiger Media ‘s customers, found a partner for my thesis, considered to be independent and figured out what I want to do with my education. All this is happen in just a half year – did I tell my mentor is a effective man. But he did not know about all this we had accomplished, because I never said it loud when something was finished, so he thought we only made half-baked results.

This workshop was an eye opener for how important it is that I say loud to the world what I have achieved. What if I was in a business and did not say what I had achieved – it would indeed be shooting myself in the foot. That is why I, along with my mentor has agreed on a common goal – job searching, and in my mind to remember to say out loud when we have reached that goal.

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