Now as Microsoft Student Partner

I got a great opportunity as I have been asked to be a ‘Microsoft Student Partner’. After I was a volunteer at the conference ” WCDC ” (see her) I was asked if I had any interest in being a MSPs ( Microsoft Student Partner ) – I was told about it befor, so I was very happy to be asked and I said of course yes :).

To name a few of the possibilities it offers to be MSPs :
• Special invitations to selected events and local events.
• Mentoring and networking opportunities .
• Training , both locally and through the official MSP tool .
• Free access to professional development and design software, and certifications.
• Accounts on Windows Phone and Azure ( cloud ) .
• International recognition of Microsoft.

To show Microsoft that I understand the technology I have to develop my own app for Microsoft’s app store, which I intend to create within the next six months .

I look forward to a very exciting collaboration with Microsoft, I see it as to be able to use Microsoft as a major professional playground. I will of course come up with updates about the experiences and challenges this brings.

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