The results of the affinity diagram showed problems with the labeling, navigation and organization. But there were also general assumptions that are important for understanding the human-machine relation between users and the rejsekort ATM:

– The users do not use rejsekort ATMs, but use the website or have a reload agreement.
– The interface for rejsekort ATMs has similarity to and the sign/out kiosks – which creates recognizability for the users.
– Different how the users perceive rejsekortet and thereby rejsekort ATMs.

The user experience breach on the IA system which was the users do not know what the meaning of the hyperlinks is, the interface collapses and goes to the main page in the middle of a task, missing information of how to use the information kiosk, mistakes created indirectly by the users, confusion of what and where to find information at the rejsekort ATM.

Though a “problem”, which turned out to be more comprehensive then assumed, was how the context affected the use of rejsekortet and rejsekort ATMs. When interviewing the users about rejsekort ATMs, they stated that they were much affected by the context around the information kiosk; about they used, how they felt about the sign-in/sign-out stations, which experiences they have had with using the rejsekortet, how much information they felt that they missed about rejsekortet. All things that had no direct impact on the IA systems on rejsekort ATMs, but still had a big impact on how the users felt about, used and understood the IA system.


The users experience problems in the IA system. At the same time, rejsekort in general is met with criticism which also affects the way the users look at rejsekort ATMs. This means the context around rejsekort ATMs also affects the users’ opinion of the IA system for rejsekort ATMs, fixing the ia problem, would only be one step of the way to improve the system. Looking at public transport information kiosks in a broader perspective, it becomes evident that context is very important for users’ understanding and willingness for using the system.

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