The case

My project for this semester was among other things to make a synopsis where I had to analysis an application. I chose to look at Rejsekortet, since it had gone through a lot of critic for example had Ali Gürcan Özkil (lecturer at DTU Mechanical Engineering) and his students made a questionnaire survey of how people felt about rejsekortet. 57 % of the participant were unsatisfied, and based on that the students constructed a research with 67 users who had never tried rejsekortet before –the task was to use the information kiosks for rejsekortet. Half of the users never understood how to use the machine.

This made me wonder, if there was something wrong with the interface on the information kiosk, or it was because all participants were novice users who had no experience with rejsekortet. I wanted to see if something was wrong with the information architecture systems and therefore I wanted to make a research of how trained users of rejsekortet experienced the information system for the rejsekort information kiosks.

Rejsekort and information kiosk

Rejsekort is an electronic ticket system for the public transport in Denmark. Rejsekort information kiosk or ”Rejsekort ATMs”, as they are called, (from now on named rejsekort ATMs) are going to be a substitute for all the ticket vending machines placed in Denmark. The purpose of a rejsekort ATM is to view your personal account, journeys, reload your rejsekort with a payment card, check-in/out etc .

Rejsekort ATM
Rejsekort ATM

The problem with the interface of an information kiosk is that it has to embrace a broad segment of users, from the novice users to the experts. Therefore rejsekort ATMs must be easy to use and understand for the users. If the interface design is not good, it can cause problems for the users who do not get the right data, who become ignorant towards the positive features of the system, who show a general unwillingness towards the system and completes their tasks slower.

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